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Here are some highlights of Álvaro's career as a guitarist and producer


Queen of California (J. Mayer) - Featuring Alvaro Kapaz & Jon Levy
Whatever Works (Project K-Paz) - Featuring Melissa Aldana
Rock Guitar Solo - Featuring Álvaro Kapaz




"Alvaro is bursting with musical energy - here is someone that plays with his whole heart and soul! I can always trust Alvaro to thoroughly approach the music in and out and bring great leadership skills to the table. He's also a multi-faceted entrepreneur who knows the business as well as his instrument"


-  Adam Ahuja, keyboards (Robert Randalph, Anna Popovich)

"I've known Alvaro for over 10 years. We've worked together on many projects and he's gone above and beyond his role in every single one of them. He's very professional, a great guitarist, and he's always looking for ways to make things better. I'm always looking forward to the opportunity of working together again."


-  Fernando Lodeiro, engineer (Paul McCartney, Esperanza Spaulding, Kenny Garret)

"I've known Al since college and he's always brought a good-natured, light-hearted, and energetic vibe to the table. He's got a child-like wonder about life and art that is infectious and reminds us all why we picked up our respective instruments in the first place."


-  Matt Musty, drummer (Grace Potter, Jake Clemons)

"Al is a great guy, a loyal and fantastic friend and an incredibly talented and insightful musician and entrepreneur. He is a hard worker, a great collaborator, a natural leader. Including him in your sessions will not only get you a top notch guitarist and musician, but a thoughtful collaborator on all levels. He has fantastic taste and a great funky, bluesy, jazzy musical touch, as needs be. He is a consummate professional who knows how to get the job done in a way that fits well into any project, while injecting a ton of fun and enthusiasm into any session. I can't recommend him highly enough."


-  Tom Howie (Bob Moses)

Álvaro Kapaz was born in São Paulo, Brazil. After 5 years of piano, Al moved to a more "rocker" instrument and started to take guitar lessons in the neighborhood music school, at the age of 13. At that time, nothing could compete with Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and other classics, so he devoted himself to Rock and Blues, also having a strong and constant Heavy Metal influence.

After many high-school bands and jams, in 2000, Álvaro went to school to get a degree in Economics, after which he went into banking, only to find out his real passion was music. He had been constantly playing in several bands and developing his unique style, a blend between his Rock/Blues past with his new-found jazz/funk interests.

It wasn't until 2006 he decided to dedicate his life to it, and went to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. Graduated in 2010 Magna Cum Laude with 3 majors, Music Business, Film Scoring and Pro-Music/Performance, he was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship for outstanding involvement with the school.


At Berklee, he was able to develop his musicianship into a new level, always playing in studio sessions and bands. Today, besides his own Project K-Paz, Álvaro is the go-to guitar player for several New York City based groups as well as touring acts stoping by the Big Apple. Some of his strong influences are Joe Perry, John Scofield, Steve Vai, Dimebag Darrell, Slash, SRV, Tuck Andress, Scott Henderson, Joe Satriani, Joe Pass, Jimi Hendrix, and others.

In 2010, Álvaro took the role of Artistic Director, with partner Tom Howie, of the St. Barth Summer Sessions, which has been constantly growing and on its 5th edition this year, marking his official entry in the roster of players in the Music Business. Since then he has started to venture into Intercontinental booking, as well as Musical Direction and Production.

After living in New York for over 3 years, Álvaro has moved back to his native São Paulo, in Brazil, and is now bringing his acquired knowledge and experience to the Brazilian music scene, where he quickly placed himself as a freelance musician, as well as an entrepreneur in the field of music education, while still in contact with New York and continuing to play there as often as possible.

And the best is yet to come...



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